Wednesday, 3 May 2017

CELEBRATION RAYA LIMITED PACKAGE UP TO 20% SALES Treated with Ceramic paint protection coating. No Matter New Car or Used Car, our STE Coating is your best choice for Car paint protection. Why Choose Ceramic Coating For Your Car: ✔ Stays clean and very high glossy ✔ Protect against fine scratches, swirls and marrying ✔ Anti-corrosion ✔ Easy to clean / Self-Cleaning & Hydrophbic effect ✔ Water-repelling low sliding angle ✔ Stain resistant ✔ Harmful UV Rays & Weather resistant ✔ Anti acids and salts ✔ Oxidation & Correction Resistance ✔ No More Polish Or Wax ✔ Protection is measure in years !! The creators of advanced, Nanotechnology car care solutions. Our services are tailor-suited to the needs of each client. With our experience, professional and our very competitive rates, STE Auto provides every customer with a fast, professionals and efficient service. Quality is vitally important to us. By handling everything, we are able to keep maintain our exclusive relationship with our customers and assure there complete satisfaction. Call +6012-5798240 or walk-in to our workshop for enjoying Raya Car Coating and Tinted Limited Package.