Sunday, 23 April 2017

#Welcome Donation For 2017 Wesak Day# Shakya Budhi Volunteer Group is raising Donations, and Donation will be used for the (2017 Wesak Day Ceremony), organizing by Master Visung. Master Visung has always been generous, does not require a return, quietly to help everyone. Welcome all the city and country's buddhists, enthusiastic to supports and donation, and also attend this (2017 Wesak Day Ceremony) on 10th May 2017, Wednesday. All Donations Will Be Used For The Items Of Below : ❉ Cannopy x 7, Table x 40, Chair x 140, Fan x 6, Bulb x 28. ❉ Cooking Department : Lots of Vegetarian Ingredients and Materials, Lots of Vegetable, Cooking Tools, Gas x 5, Plastic Wrap, Plastic & Wax Paper, Plastic Gloves, Cup Packing of Mineral Water x 40 cartons, Disposable Tableware. ❉ Lots of Flowers and Tools used for Decorating the ceremony. ❉ Worship Food : Lots of Fruits, Durian Coconut Milk Sticky Rice, Coconut x 20, Betel Nut x 120, Chinese Birthday Steamed Bread x 150, TangYuan, and etc. ❉ Yellow Lotus Candle : Medium Size x 20 cartons, and Extra Large Size x 1pc. ❉ Banner : 1pc of 20'x9', 3pcs of 72"x77", 1pc of 5'x3', 1pc of 8'x3'. ❉ Yellow Cloth x 2 rolls. ❉ Stationery : Notice Card, A4 Paper (Plain & Yellow), Manila Card, Pen & Marker Pen, Plastic Bag, Rubber Band, Rope, Tape, Wooden Stapler, and etc. ❉ Tools : Blue Canvas, Bricks, Simulation Lotus, Wooden Pallet x 20pcs, Yellow Big Bucket x 6pcs, Water Sprayer x 9pcs, and etc. ❉ Lots of Sandalwood Powder, Lots of Incense, a pair of Thai Buddhism Candle Stick. ❉ For Volunteer : Uniforms, Tags, Praise Grifts. ❉ Fortune Coin (Present To All Attendess) We Are Deeply Thankful By Your Attend, Your Supporting And Kindness Donation. Any Enquiry Please Add The Following Wechat ID, Or Directly Visit To The Following Address, We Will Give A Donation Receipt. Person In Charge : Wyted (Group Leader of Shakya Budhi Volunteer Group) Wechat ID : Wyted_lsw Address : No.38, Jalan Tunku Ibrahim, Kelang Sago, 09000 Kulim,Kedah.