Monday, 3 October 2016

Tear-Proof & Water-Proof PVC All in 1 Name Cards, Business Cards, Membership Cards & Gift Cards 防撕裂和防水PVC所有1名卡,商​​务卡,会员卡和礼品卡

If you want to differentiate yourself from the pack, this just might be the card for you.We are now carrying Transparent All In 1 Name Cards, Business Card / Name Card / Membership Cards & Gift Cards.
These Business Card are slightly frosted using UV printing to provide you a four colours on a transparent plastic card.

Check this out if you would like to be creative in designing your own transparent name cards, business cards, membership cards & gift cards become a more popular promotional tool. With the various uses that a business cards offer, it is also necessary that card should presentable in terms of its physical design and style. The reason is these kind of business cards are much more durable and of course leave long lasting impression on your clients. What makes them stand out is their approach which is totally different from regular traditional paper style business cards. 

500pcs / RM150



如果你想在设计自己的名字透明卡,商务卡,会员卡和礼品卡的创意成为一种较为流行的促销手段。与各使用该公司卡提供,它也是必要的卡应在其物理设计和风格方面像样。原因是这类名片更为耐用,你的顾客当然留下持久的印像。 让你们脱颖而出的,是你们的做法,是定期从传统纸质风格的名片完全不同。

500pcs / RM150 


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