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Modere I/D Anti-Aging System




HEALTHY SKIN,not just instant results.
Many products promise instantaneous wrinkle results and call it anti-aging. MODERE I/D is different because we take the approach that healthier skin looks better, longer. MODERE I/D gives you instant wrinkle results without harming your skin, by avoiding skin-tightening, moisture-depleting chemicals, and by protecting your skin for the future with antioxidants, probiotics, and revolutionary botanical extracts. Meaning you’ll not only look younger now, you'll look younger days, weeks, and even years from now.

The MODERE I/D System is a revolutionary anti-aging system that combines our exclusive botanical infusion gel with a powerful environmental skin defense shield. In two simple steps, it not only produces instant results, it improves skin health and appearance over the long term as well.

The MODERE I/D System is a revolutionary anti-aging system that combines our exclusive botanical infusion gel with a powerful environmental skin defense shield. In two simple steps, it not only produces instant results, it improves skin health and appearance over the long term as well.

Infusion – A purifying gel infused with Snow Algae, Summer Snowflake powder & Ox3™.
Breakthrough delivery mechanism.
Delivers the active ingredients Snow Algae and Summer Snowflake deep within the surface layers of the skin.
Floods the skin with oxygen to improve and refresh the skin’s healthy complexion.

SNOW ALGAE delivers:
Dramatic skin hydration.
A 47% increase in production of Klotho, the AGE-SLOWING gene!

Muscle relaxation to NATURALLY reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Reduced cell proliferation (a main component in the aging process).
Lightened, more even skin tone appearance.

Defense – Anti-pollution environmental protector featuring 15 botanical extracts plus Ecoskin® pre- and probiotic complex.

INSTANTLY improves moisture retention and radiance.
Reduces redness caused by inflammation.
Encourages your skin’s detoxifying processes.
Shields against free radical damage.
Enhances your skin’s defenses against pollutants.

Ecoskin® beneficial ecoflora complex discourages undesirable bacteria growth.


Snow Algae
This incredible extremophile algae species survives in high alpine regions and thrives in sub-zero conditions, where it turns the snow pink thanks to high concentrations of astaxanthin.

Snow algae’s resilience in extreme conditions makes it the ideal anti-aging ingredient. It rejuvenates and protects the skin, reinforcing it and activating longevity factors in the natural renewal process.

Over time, the energizing and natural defense supporting properties of snow algae encourage the appearance of fresher, more radiant skin that is smoother to the touch and more even in tone.

"World-renowned consulting firm Frost & Sullivan recognized the discovery of snow algae’s skin-enhancing benefits by awarding the discoverers with the 2014 European Award for New Product Innovation Leadership."

Summer Snowflake Flower
This perennial member of the Amaryllis family is native to the woodlands and marshes of Europe and southwest Asia, where despite its name, its delicate bell-shaped flowers bloom from April to May.

In the same way that the flower itself goes dormant in winter and awakens every spring, an extract from the Leucojum aestivum bulb has been shown to help relax and rejuvenate the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while supporting skin’s natural antioxidant protection.

The crucial component in delivering Infusion’s incredible anti-aging benefits, Ox3™ is a tri-fluoro, third-phase emulsion that acts as a fast-penetrating, skin-awakening catalyst.

We are unique in the industry for using Ox3™ as a method for preparing the skin—the key to the skin puzzle, in other words—that in turn allow our revolutionary botanical ingredients to work throughout the surface layer of the skin.

Dandelion Extract
The most stubborn flowering weed in your yard is also the most exciting new discovery in skin care. Dandelion’s ability to recover and flourish under constant siege hints at its profound defensive properties, and it just so happens those same properties allow an extract of the plant to perform the same function for your skin.

Dandelion extract is the key ingredient in our Defense, helping your skin to mount a resilient defense against harsh environmental pollutants that can negatively affect the appearance of the skin and accelerate aging.

The active chemicals in this extract provide your skin a barrier to hydrocarbons, the same ones found in industrial pollution, automobile exhaust, and cigarette smoke. Dandelion extract is able to visibly reduce the effects of skin-damaging airborne pollutants.

We’ve all heard how beneficial bacteria, or probiotics, can support good digestion and even bolster your immune system. But did you know that beneficial bacteria can also help keep your skin healthy? Defense contains Ecoskin®, a prebiotic and probiotic complex designed to encourage a healthy community of beneficial bacteria on your skin, a line of defense that actually fights undesirable bacteria that cause skin issues like acne, dryness, and irritation.

Botanical Complex
Superbotanical Shield contains a total of over 15 botanical extracts and concentrates, designed to assist in defending your skin while simultaneously nourishing your complexion.


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