Tuesday, 9 June 2015

WOW!!! It's a GOOD news for all US handsome and pretty!

When you help a customer share the Beauty Box with 3 friends who purchase the box, that customer will receive a $50 product credit. Then, when 2 more of their friends buy the box they will receive another $50 product credit. Finally, after they have had 5 people try and purchase the Beauty Box, they will receive a $50 product credit for each person that buys the box thereafter. To sum it up, if 6 of their friends buy the Beauty Box they will earn $150 Modere credit and $50 for every additional friend. Everyone that buys a Beauty Box via your original customer is tied to your customer pod and you will receive commissions on every purchase they ever make on http://www.modere.com/Discovery/BeautyBox/?referralCode=737153